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Art Gallery VR

0.99 usd

This virtual reality environment is designed for Google Cardboard!. You are free to roam!
Walk around this custom built structure while gazing and whenever one feels inclined, stopping to enjoy the many relaxing and beautiful art pieces.
Works hands free or with a bluetooth gamepad like a PS4 controller, just make sure bluetooth is enabled on your device before starting the app. (use the left joystick to walk around)
To Walk: Look down at your feet and you will see a yellow outlined person. A yellow gauge will begin to grow around the person, keep looking at the person until the yellow gauge COMPLETELY goes around the person and look up in the direction you would like to walk in.
To Stop: Look back down at your feet and the yellow gauge will appear again only this time MUCH faster so just be are that stopping takes less time to begin walking. Look back in the direction you would like to view once the yellow gauge has completed its rotation and enjoy!
If you encounter any drifting or jittery movement when experiencing the Art Gallery it is recommended that you restart your phone on a flat surface to reset the gyroscope. After doing that you should be good!
This is app is not intended for people without a smartphone virtual reality headset at the current version but that will change with upcoming releases!
Questions? Comment? Join the official Google+ Art Gallery VR Community today!